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a message that is always on our mind is: “We can’t think things would change if we’re always keep doing the same things!”. We like to capture changes in the right way, appreciating the good side of them and improve what they needs to be perfected. A few years ago we realized the potential of a revolutionary work system that was clean and precise but above all, efficient!

We think a.gree Ltd. was just been able to capture that change.



A.gree Ltd. producer of the Vertysystem work hard every day in collaboration with Vertys Quality Labor (Vertys Quality Labor >) to publicize the efficiency of this systemthat represent a truly Working Philosophy. We are obsessed on Dental Laboratory revenue-generating. Halving working times of traditional jobs indeed, your production capacity redouble!



In Vertysystem programme there is the promise to offer very high quality products and also to stay always side by side our Client offering technical assistance. Ten year experience dental technicians are available in order to give a complete and efficient service.



VQL, acronym of Vertys Quality Labor, is a Team of Dental Technician of pluriannual experience in dental field we had accurately choose to give you a real support in ordinary job!

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