Vertys Silicones,

a guarantee for your work!

All our silicones are addition cured, which guarantee high precision and dimensional stability.

Even after many years you can return to your original position in all Vertysystem equipment.

We as technicians have designed specific characteristics for using Vertysystem such as fluidity, resistance both to compression and heat and also a consistency that allows us to re-use the masks.

The perfect synergy of our products allows you to work with all the Vertysystem silicones with reliability and security.

Investing and mould silicones

Vertys Easy Putty

Vertys Putty Press

Vertys Retard

Precision silicones

Vertys Orange Plus

High Security Fluid

Precision Cartridges silicones

Vertys Precision

Vertys White Press

Vertys Heavy Glass

Vertys Heavy Glass Tixo

Vertys Pink

Vertys Scan Pink

Composites silicones

Vertys Light Glass

Vertys Medium Glass

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