cod. 10-2580

Furbo Composite gives you the ability to stamp and inject composites (paste and fluid) with extreme confidence and fidelety.

Inside the box:

Cod. 10-2510

Furbo base

anodized aluminium base

colour: dark grey

Cod. 10-2584

Furbo Composite inbox

plexiglass instrument to insert in Furbo base

Cod. 10-2582

Furbo Composite cover

plexiglass transparent cover

ideal for stamping and injecting paste and fluid composites

Cod. 10-2524

Furbo plate

transparent plexi plate to go with Furbo Plexi cover

Cod. 10-2583

Furbo Composite ring

anodized aluminium ring to attach on Furbo base

colour: gold

Cod. 10-2589

Furbo Composite short axis

short pillar with nuts

Cod. 10-2587

Furbo Composite separator

separators very useful for reducing the waste of material

Cod. 10-2588

Furbo Composite cube

anodized aluminium cube to screw to Furbo Composite cover very useful for reducing the waste of material

Cod. 10-401

Dynamo Block

special torque nut that locks all the flasks to the same pressure

(6 Newton)

With Furbo Composite you can work with master model...

...or without it!

suggested accessories for Furbo Composite:

Cod. 10-2583H

Furbo Composite spacer

spacer ring that lifts up the Furbo Composite 6 mm

Cod. 10-2589L

Furbo Composite long axis

long pillar ideal for Furbo Composite spacer users, complete with spacers and nuts

*not included for code 10-2581

how to set up Furbo Composite in 6 step

Watch how it works!

visit our YouTube channel!


compared with other flasks





Alu Small

8,3 cm

9,7 cm

10,9 cm

71,7 cm3

Alu Big

9,6 cm

9,7 cm

10,9 cm

109,2 cm3


8,4 cm

12,8 cm

10,9 cm

19,6 cm3


9,6 cm

6,5 cm

10,9 cm

101,3 cm3


9,3 cm

3,4 cm

7,8 cm

28,2 cm3


11,1 cm

10,9 cm

11,6 cm

128,7 cm3

*Low volumes require less use of silicone, high volumes increase use of silicone.

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