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Opacify Vile Dental Alloys

Vertys Opak is a light-cured opaque for non-precious dental alloys, suitable for all acrylic resins on the market.

It is used in all non-precious alloy prosthetic products where the covering of bars, saddles and retentions is required.

Vertys Opak

Protesi mobile, barre, selle e ritenzioni.

Resin to opacify non-precious dental alloys. Suitable for high aesthetic value solutions but not applicable on noble alloys.

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Code and Packaging:

Cod. 200-2700 | OPAK PINK KIT  10 ml + 10 g
Cod. 200-2705 | OPAK DENTIN KIT  10 ml + 10 g

Cod. 200-2701 | OPAK PINK  10 g
Cod. 200-2706 | OPAK DENTIN  10 g

Cod. 200-2709 | LIQUID  10 ml

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