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Bite Splints and Surgical Stents

Bite Splints and Radiological Stents in an easy and repeatable way!

Vertys Surgical

Ideal for the production of surgical stents for use in implantology, as well as bite splints.

A transparent, low-temperature resin for Implantology and orthodontics. The dimensional stability, compactness, strength and polishability of this resin, render it one of kind.

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Code and Pack:

cod. 200-2440     Pack: 500 ml
cod. 200-2441      Pack: 1000 ml

Cod. 200-2443      Pack: 1000g

Vertys Barium

Vertys Barium 1 and 2, can be both injected and pressed. Ideal for use with Furbo Alu Big flask for the creation of Radiological Stents.

Pre-mixed acrylic resin powder with barium. VERTYS BARIUM 2 (13%) contains half the amount of barium compared to that in VERTYS BARIUM 1 (27%). They differ so that the various radiological machines can pick up the opacity.

See it in actionDiscover the Starter kit

Code and Pack:

Cod. 200-2445     Pack: 250 ml

Cod. 200-2447     BARIUM 1 | 500 g
Cod. 200-2449     BARIUM 2 | 500 g

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