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Furbo Alu Big

Greater internal height = more space for your models!
Furbo Alu Big needs no introduction … it is our best-selling muffle because it embodies practicality and ergonomics. The split, as you will see, has been integrated into the base: this has allowed us to reduce the margin of error in positioning the model. (Cod. 10-2501)


Furbo Plexi

The locking screw of the Plate is now a magical magnet!
Furbo Plexi has given to all ceramists the opportunity to have perfect control on all the steps of the ceramic layering phase. Small cut-backs will never alter the initial wax project. (Cod. 10-2505)


Furbo Composite

Completely redesigned, it is now even more integrated!
With Furbo Composite you will be able to carry out both the molding and injection techniques of paste and soft focus composites. Furbo Composite is the ideal system to always have control over every step when making your light-cured composites.  (Cod. 10-2581)





Electronic pressure polymerizer with four pre-set Vertysystem programmes.


Apolix XL

Electronic polymerizer that can contains till 6 flask simultaneously with four pre set Vertysystem programmes.


Artic Pins

System for developing models with removable abutments in a simple, economical and repeatable way, on 10 mm plates.


Nylwax Gun

Thermoplastic gun for aesthetic hangs, spacers maintainers, and much more… Inject every thermoplastic materials.


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