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Resins Polyurethane

Ready to scan, precise, resistant.

Genially Genius!

Vertys Genius

Ideal for the production of removable abutments, Models masters, Models for implantology, Long-life Models Clinic and orthodontic plaster casts.

Two-component polyurethane resin, scannable. Ideal in all cases where fidelity of reproduction, stability and the need not to lose details are of the utmost importance (abutments, thin implants, inlay and onlay inlays and other similar cases).

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Code and Pack:

Cod. 101-0720 | PASTEL   600g A + 120g B
Cod. 102-0720 | GOLD  600g A + 120g B
Cod. 103-0720 | GREY   600g A + 120g B
Cod. 104-0720 | WHITE   600g A + 120g B

Cod. 101-1200 | PASTEL   1000g A + 200g B
Cod. 102-1200 | GOLD   1000g A + 200g B
Cod. 103-1200 | GREY   1000g A + 200g B
Cod. 104-1200 | WHITE   1000g A + 200g B

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