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VertysLine is a line of special products designed for the dental laboratory and for the studio that will help you during some processes. Degrease teeth with Vertys Help, characterize with Vertys Ergo-Brush, mix resins easily with Vertys Mixing Kit!

Vertys Help

Ergonomic tool in technopolymer with removable lid for cleaning acrylic teeth, burs and similar objects using water vapor.

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Code and Packaging:

Cod. 10-0008 | VERTYS HELP

Vertys Ergo Brush

Ergonomic tool in technopolymer with 45 ° inclination that allows you to always maintain correct posture and 360 ° visibility on the tooth. Ideal for the characterization of temporaries, ceramics, composites.

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Code and Packaging:

Cod. 200-3009 | RED + Brush N°00
Cod. 200-3012 | YELLOW + Brush N°000 |
Cod. 200-3014 | GREEN + Brush N°4
Cod. 200-3015 | BLUE + Brush N°4
Cod. 200-3016 | VIOLET + Brush N°6

Vertys Mixing Kit

Rubber bowl + technopolymer spatula for mixing resins and acrylic resins. Innovative materials to allow easy detachment of resin residues if immersed in water.

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Code and Packaging:

Cod. 200-2850 | CUP + SPATULA
Cod. 200-2852 | CUP
Cod. 200-2854 | SPATULA

Vertys Pick Take

Aluminum extraction forceps with spout suitable for Help. To easily extract teeth from Vertys Help and to characterize veneers.

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Code and Packaging:

Cod. 200-2840 | VERTYS PICK TAKE

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    Furbo Alu Big

    Flask for mobile prosthesis


    Vertys Inclined Planes

    6 °, 9 °, 12 ° inclined planes, useful in all flasks to move back overexposed models forwards

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    Vertys Artic Link

    Universal bases for connecting the models to the articulator (female and male)


    Artic Pins

    System for models with removable abutments

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