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In this area you will find all the videos related to the processes with the Vertysystem method


Halve the times and increase the quality

The times of realization of artifacts through the Vertysystem system are on average halved compared to traditional processes.

Saving time is essential, but never at the expense of quality.

Thanks to certain Working Protocols, with Vertysystem quality is always guaranteed.



Materials of the highest aesthetic value

In the Vertysystem program there are unique materials of extraordinary qualitative excellence. These are tested by dental technicians with decades of experience to ensure optimal implementation of daily work.

 An example of this is Vertys Prothesis Excel Resin, also recognized internationally. 


Different from other systems

Apparently, and superficially, they are considered the same. Each working system has its own peculiarities.

The Vertysystem system differs from all the others as it follows a real Work Philosophy that starts from the master model, passes through more than 140 dedicated consumer products up to the Digital world.




In our Video Tutorials we explain step-by-step all the phases of working with the system. In this way you will not be able to miss anything!

Full Denture Injection

with Furbo Alu Big

Prothesis Clone

with resina Vertys Monomassa

Composite Injection

with Furbo Composite

Polyurethane Resin

with Artic Pins

Composite Pressing

with Furbo Composite

Master Model (removable dies)

with Artic Pins

Nylwax Gun

gun to inject wax and nylon

Composite Injection

with Furbo Composite Inside


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