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Artic Pins

A perfect model but above all repeatable!

Artic Pins is the ideal system to realize your models with removable dies in a fast, cheap and repeatable way!


Why buy it

Because it is extremely convenient to be able to replicate a model at any time


Why buy it?

Because the position is always certain and repeatable


Why buy it?

Because there is a correct tooth-pin ratio and great stability of the removable abutment


Why buy it?

Because the technopolymer plate does not deform over time



  1. 10 mm technopolymer plates and 16 mm brass pins
  2. Great stability of the dies
  3. Direct engagement on Vertysystem
  4. Adaptable to almost all the plaster drills on the market
  5. Repeatability of the dies and models
  6. Possibility to significantly lower the height of the model on implant work
Watch it in action

Your Artic Pins:

Intro Kit


Artic Pins Intro Kit

Complete flask for making models with removable abutments

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