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From another planet.


This Printer (compared to many in the market used for hobby) is reliable and designed for dental professionals. It is set to be used with bio-compatible class IIa materials!

The perfect solution to those approach the 3D Printers!

Designed for Dental Market, fast, precise and versatile!

3D printing in the dental sector is much more than a new technology: it has the potential to control costs, improve flexibility and be able to print any shape with bio-compatible materials. To realize this potential we made Moon Night: easier to use, more powerful and reliable. A compacteasy to use and reliable 3D Printer.

Another LCD?! That’s enough!!

Projector LCD UV-LED 405nm

The Market doesn’t need a new LCD 3D Printer. But the real focus for a customer nowadays is to have a reliable and punctual service, a certified working protocols and a granted assistance. This makes the difference in saving time and money!

Maintenance to minimum

The management costs is been reduced to the minimum terms to help people avoiding stress and vain costs.


A small window is your control centre!

From the Display 3,5″ Full Colour you can manage the settings of the machine and launch the file. Also the software is very simple to use for everyone.

Application field


Risoluzione XY

32 mn

Volume stampa

Lungh. d'onda luce UV

14,3 x 8,96 x H 15,5 cm

385 - 405 nm

Risoluzione Z

10 mn


2,5 cm/h


USB / Ethernet


Tutti da 385 a 405 mn


Open Source


Schermo touch

LCD - UV LED 405nm

3.5 pollici




230 x 230x 400 mm


7,9 Kg

Which printer is right for you?

This diagram compares the main technical characteristics of our printers! To find out the prices, use the form below!

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Vi presentiamo #MoonNight

La Nuova Stampante 3D Vertysystem

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