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We do not want to be the best company in the World, but rather the best for the World!

For the next 5 years, in collaboration with a spin-off of the University of Padua, we will be concretely engaged in an Eco-sustainability project, which aims to populate our territory, strongly affected by Hurricane Vaia which caused more than 500 million euros in damages.

Our planet requires us to do something, and we want to respond to this request; taking concrete action is a responsibility for us and for future generations.

This is why we want those who buy one of our products to be aware that they are buying from a source that is concretely committed to a sustainable future.



The Vertysystem system, commits itself daily in the territory together with the Vertys Quality Labor > (Certified Laboratories) to spread the efficiency and effectiveness of this system which represents a real Work Philosophy, which focuses on profitability of the Dental Laboratory. By halving the production times of all traditional processes, in fact, your production capacity doubles!


In the Vertysystem program there is the promise to offer products of the highest quality and to always stand by the customer’s side by offering remote telephone technical assistance. Technicians with decades of experience are available to offer a complete and excellent quality service.

Vertys Quality Labor

VQL, acronym for Vertys Quality Labor, is a team of dental technicians with decades of experience in the sector that we have carefully chosen to give you real support in facing everyday work challenges!

A very special family!


Vertysystem is a work philosophy that has now entered the hearts of thousands of people. We decided to start the Vertys Quality Labor program to guide you in the use of systematics and in solving everyday problems. Vertys Quality Labor are contact persons able to give you useful advice, just like a colleague at your disposal.

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