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Furbo mono is a transparent technopolymer flask, perfect for making bridges, single crown and full arches in fluid composite.
It also integrates perfectly with the Vertysystem split to create works on master models (see Artic Pins).

Why buy it?

Because making a 3-element bridge with Furbo Mono requires € 2.2 of material


Why buy it?

See for yourself how quickly a 3-element bridge is recorded in the video below!


Why buy it?

Because the protocol is the same as Furbo Composite, so the ease of injection of composites is extreme!


Why is it useful?

  1. For quickly duplicate temporary crowns & bridges or any other prosthetic devices
  2. It allows you to inject any kind of flowable composite safely and quicly
  3. You can do three different dental works simultaneously
  4. It allows you to find the exact position of the original project at any time

Why is it convenient?

  1. It’s cheap
  2. Takes up very little space
  3. It saves you consumable material
  4. It saves you time
  5. It seamlessly integrates as an accessory with the Vertysystem flasks
  6. It can be stored with the transparent silicone mould

Why is it convenient?

  1. Dentist
  2. Dental Assistant
  3. Dental Technician

Furbo Mono

How to quickly inject composite with FURBO MONO

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